Casa Relvas & Friends


Casa Relvas was born from the desire to continue the history of a family linked to the land over five generations, on two continents. This family project was started in 1997 in São Miguel de Machede, in Redondo, by Alexandre Relvas, who saw in Herdade de São Miguel the vast horizons of his roots in Africa.

The passion for Alentejo and respect for its unique and authentic nature led to the first step in this project: the planting of a typical afforestation. But it was in the vineyard, a culture with more than 2000 years of history in the region, that he discovered his true passion.

We were born with our roots in the land; a family that has been connected to farming and agriculture for 5 generations. It is in our nature to love the simple things in life. Like accompanying every meal, get-together and celebration with a good wine. Our mission is to cultivate, harvest and produce quality wines to accompany each and every moment. Wine has a special place in life’s celebrations, and this is what drives us in our work every day at Casa Relvas.