Casa Relvas & Friends


The Herdade de São Miguel Private Collection Wine, more recently Herdade de São Miguel The Friends Collection, is produced in special years by special people. Each year, the blends are chosen by friends who share with Casa Relvas the pleasure of celebrating life. Friends who have been with us since the beginning of Casa Relvas. Friends who somehow influence the way we are, work and help us to try to bring the best of Alentejo to the World.

Herdade São Miguel
The Friends Collection 2015

In Honor of a very special Friend

Herdade São Miguel
Private Collection 2014

Paal Myrhe

"I am proud to design labels for Casa Agrícola Alexandre Relvas, since the launch of its first wine, in 2003. Being invited to write a few words about this wine, it is a tribute in honor of our long friendship. as in a good wine, everything improves with time.
To enjoy in dignified and excellent company. "

Herdade São Miguel
Private Collection 2012

Romain Bocchio

"I discovered myself a passion for wine 12 years ago. I shared my learning with Alexandre who offered me to take part in this blend. As a wine lover, I wanted this wine to be more representative of the specificity of São Miguel's terroir than a simple barrel blend. The typical clay and schists from this region give very fine profiles to the wine, a singular minerality which I love.
Alexandre and I decided to focus the wine on the aromatic as well as on the particular touch of its tannins. Mostly made of Portuguese grapes, the wine offers a great freshness and complexity of taste, revealing the strong identity of this land. Thinking about Herdade São Miguel, I can tell this place as a taste. Not only the one of its soils and environment, but also the great taste of our friendship."